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Friday, April 12, 2019
By Cheryl Kelly
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To many it's challenging to ask for what you want, to go after your dreams, and to take steps forward. If you don't ask, you'll never know. Most often, getting the nerve to ask is harder than just doing it. Once you ask, you look back and think, "why was I all worked up about that!?" When you decide on your dream...be laser focused. Don't let anyone or anything derail you...afterall, it's a dream that was specifically given to you for a reason. You have a special talent or a gift the world needs. Be brave and go after it! Lastly, you'll definitely take steps backwards (if you're like me and the rest of the human population!). However, stepping back can sometimes give you the perspective and the fuel you need to go forward. So by all means, don't get upset if you slide back a bit...pull yourself up and take more steps forward than back and you're assured to get to where you are going! 

As technology increases, it seems there are two types of people...1. those who sit back and are more & more content to mindlessly watch the world go by them on the TV screen or scrolling through their Facebook news feed and 2. Those who live life with no regrets seeking their own happiness & define their own successes in life. 

Ask for, go for and step forward...no one can do these for you. The greatest thing about practicing these 3 things daily is that within a week or two it will be no big deal, you'll move into a zone and these will no longer be challenging for you. Then you can focus on conquering other fears and achieving your dreams. 

Wednesday, April 03, 2019
By Cheryl Kelly
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And so we have a difficult job at hand...to teach our daughters of true beauty and not the topical kind that can be applied to cover up what's inside.

We have a duty to share our truths with the world so that our daughters will know we are true and will shine true too.

The task to share love and joy to all is big and can seem overwhelming at times, but we must bear the weight to lighten it for others.

The stories we pass along will be remembered, not because we spoke them but because we lived them through our steps we took every day.

Our daughters will be strong and even intimidatingly beautiful because they know who they are in the stillness even when surrounded by noise.

And so we have a difficult job at hand...we must lead by example if we want our daughters to rise up and be all they are created to be.

We must shine the light we have been given and not hide behind the masks society has handed to us.

Together we can be strong, we can step into our greatness and away from the unkind, judgmental, and the fake.

Women, young women, girls, ladies...you are stunning from the moment you were a thought and on into eternity.

Be real. Be you. Be raw. Be amazing. Don't cover up your beauty. Be authentic. Be strong. Be kind. Be happy. Don't be a mask. Be YOU.

-Cheryl Kelly


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Thursday, March 24, 2016
By Cheryl Kelly
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Are you just interested in living an extraordinary life or truly COMMITTED???


Committed is...getting up earlier and staying up later.

Committed is...showing up regardless of who you think is watching. 

Committed is...standing strong in who you are and what you desire, not what someone else wants from you.  

Committed is...shining your light brightly for others to see. 

Committed is...sharing your voice, your message in order to help even 1 person.  

Committed is...not giving up even when it is easier to do so. 

Committed is...doing what you say you'll do.

Committed is...taking the hard way in order to make it easier for those who follow behind you. 

Committed is...doing the DO every single day, no matter how small or how big.  


Committed is...doing WHATEVER it takes. 


I am COMMITTED to living an extraordinary life...in business, in life, in relationships, in love, with our children, our health, our wellness... 


I dare you to change even just ONE of your habits (waking up instead of hitting the snooze or cutting out watching T.V. so much or dropping the soda drinking) and start stepping into your habits of greatness, being committed to doing whatever it takes. 


Commitment to abundance and whatever it takes to get there in your life is SO much better than being interested and doing what is convenient. Convenience never made it to the arena, to the championships....Committed gets there every time. 

All it takes is a choice from YOU to step into it...


Nudge from the Universe: takes steps now, start today.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016
By Cheryl Kelly
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Empowering one another empowers us and those around us even more...

By growing up in a neighborhood full of boys and competitive sports, I have found that I have competition running through my veins all the time. I'm working on harnessing that competition into a healthy "We all achieve by raising others up" type of competition. There's no room in the universe for the kind of competition that says, "I am right and you are wrong" or "I am the only winner and you the loser."

I’m definitely not perfect and I've made mistakes and stumbled along the way, but I'm constantly working on me and self improvement so that I can give more to others. I have a burning desire to help other women, men and young adults...to try their best, to inspire and ultimately to make them feel better about themselves.We all have the power inside us for greatness and to empower others. There is an abundance to be given and an abundance to go around for everyone wishing to partake.

Therefore...there is no need for us women to see each other as competition or as a threat. We can instead uplift each other.

There is no need to compare ourselves to other women (in a bad or unhealthy way). We can praise each other instead and celebrate our differences.

There is no need for women to dislike other women. We can instead accept each other and agree to be on the same team, not opposing teams.

Too many young girls are terrible to each other because they lack positive female role models. We can be those positive role models for our daughters and for the girls with whom we interact and those who are watching us and learning from us.

Lets get rid of the jealousy, hatred, criticism...and replace it with love, encouragement, support and celebration of one another. We have the power to change that by starting with ourselves.

You are whole, perfect, strong, loving, harmonious and happy...you are powerful beyond your wildest dreams and you hold the key to empower, love and celebrate all women....and men. 

Friday, January 08, 2016
By Cheryl Kelly
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Since when did we decide to listen to the limiting ideas of others to determine our fate, our personal path? Since we were born, right!? Since the day we were born we have been told what to do, what not to do, what to wear and not to wear, what to eat, who to be friends with, what is socially acceptable, the expectation for us, etc. You get the idea. We have always been told who we are and what we should be in the context of what home we were born into, who our parents are, what country we are from, what religion we were raised to believe, etc. Don’t get me wrong, it's not necessarily a bad thing. Most of us wouldn’t be anywhere near where we are without the early guidance we received (myself included). Our parents, teachers, grandparents, loved-ones, friends...have our best interest in mind when they set these standards for us. However, as you have matured or had changes in life situations, you may come to the realization that those expectations could be less than the greatness you see for yourself now. Those standards by which you are judged by others may be confining or just not who you really are or want to be. 

Here's your wake up call. YOU and only YOU have the ability to make your life into whatever YOU want it to be. Some of us like to blame others for our misgivings or misfortunes or mistakes. However, if you want real change in your life, you have to step up and take responsibility for YOU. Stop allowing those limiting beliefs to be your excuse. Stop holding yourself back. We don't believe in our abilities because we don't want to be disappointed or disappoint others. That's a bunch of crap. Stop listening to the negative talk (most of it is going on in your own head) and take daily actions to achieve the dreams you wish. You were born with greatness inside of YOU, harness it and believe in YOU. Know that you are worth it all and you deserve the very BEST this universe has to offer. If you don't believe in you, no one else will. Start with your self-image, work on you and your beliefs about you.


How many of us set the bar too low and therefore, we fall short of the ultimate goal? Stop sabotaging your own success. We all have it in us to reach higher and to achieve more. Challenge yourself to not just live up to the status-quo, but to blow it out of the water! It’s not selfish to want to me more, to achieve more, to be a better version of yourself tomorrow than you were today. The universe needs your special talent, your unique perspective, your new invention, your gifts, your ingenuity, your willingness to give of yourself to other. I believe in you and I know you can do whatever you set your mind to do. Take constant daily action to achieve what you want out of life. There’s nothing holding you back, but the false fear inside of you. Be child-like, try something new, be a Superhero! Don't just reach for the stars, REACH BEYOND THE STARS! Allow yourself the right to succeed and then empower others with your light.